The First Encounter Between Native Americans And The Native Americans

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In the 16th century, when Europeans first discovered and reached the American continent, the fertile land filled with opportunities, they met the Native Americans. The first encounter between the Europeans and the Natives was rather violent and brutal but significant with several side effects. The Europeans` anthropocentric idea and their congenital idea of conquering brought not only brutality but also advancement in technology to the Native American. The effect is long-lasting and western American was not part of America until the late 19th Century. Thus, the colonial experience has cultivated the advancement in America nowadays to a great extent. (Taylor, X) First of all, Europeans brought their advanced technology from their homeland and made them localized to fit the American culture. This cultivates the formation of unique “American Exceptionalism”. On account of the inherent ambitions of Europeans, in order to escape from rigid customs, social hierarchies and constrained resources in their homeland, European immigrants rushed into Europe seeking abundant challenge and opportunities. (Taylor, X) The majority of the immigrants indeed achieved more wealth than their mother country, which in a way cultivated the overall development of America. The development is crucial to the temporal…show more content…
Since not all colonial American was from one single country, Native peoples have encountered different colonizers with their distinctive culture differences together constructing America in their unique ways. For instance, even the majority of the colonizer, the British, have little in common and can barely understand themselves because they are from both the rural area of England and the big cities like London. (Taylor, xi) Together as the neighbors and colonizer in distant colony far from
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