The First Lesson I Learned After Receiving Feedback From My Assessment

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The first lesson I learned after receiving feedback from my initial set of questions was the importance of focusing on the information I need, rather than the information I want. Though I had a sense of confidence in planning my inquiries, it became apparent to me that it is easy for anyone to miss objectives. Therefore, I should avoid faulting students for falling short of benchmarks, if I do not provide adequate support to satisfy instructional goals.
When I did meet the mark for constructing the proper questions, organizing an interview allowed me to experience the pleasure of collecting facts about a person, placing a personality to the responses, and gaining perspective about another person’s domain. Furthermore, I learned the value
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From my interview and observation, Jeremy motivates me to help children make knowledge their personal pursuits, without depending on homework or classwork alone to stimulate their thinking.
I had high expectations that Jeremy would provide practical responses; however, his length of answers and depth of knowledge surprised me. With the data I accumulated, there are two ways I could educate him. First, I would present chances for him to take charge of his learning. For instance, rather than giving him a teacher-centered contract for his independent work, I would teach him how to formulate his own student-centered learning contract. Also, I would create opportunities for him to complete assignments that suit his interests. Such as, since Jeremy stated he has a love for language, I could create a task for him to find words in the dictionary, learn their definitions, and present them to the class. The words can focus on the Boy Scouts or any topics that he enjoys. That brings me to my next point, completing the interview reveals that he has a wealth of knowledge and should have an occasion or several occasions to share what he knows with his classmates.

I grew up at a time when the industrial model of schooling was the preferred method for instructional learning. Therefore, the only sound was

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