The Five Classical Cultures Of Greece, Rome, Greece And Rome

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When it comes to culture, politics, and society, the five classical civilizations of Greece, Rome, Persia, India, and China were similar in ways, but also different which made each its own.

Let’s talk about Culture first. Religion and its importance is one that most classical civilizations had in common, but they each also had their own uniqueness. The Greece culture valued education, and placed emphasis on the importance of human effort. Celebration of human individual achievement and the ideal human form also was a part of their culture. Philosophy and science emphasized the use of logic. Greece’s religion was based on Polytheism, which was the belief in many Gods; with gods having very human characteristics. Great seafaring skills, centered on Aegean, and highly developed form of sculpture, literature, math, written language, and record keeping all made the culture of Greece interesting. Rome’s culture was based on art, literature, philosophy, science derivative from Greece. Superb engineering and architecture techniques; extensive road, sanitation systems; monumental architecture -buildings, aqueducts, bridges. Polytheism, derivative from Greeks, but religion was not particularly important to the average Roman; However, Christianity developed during the Empire period, but didn’t become dominant until very late.

In Persia the main religion was Zoroastrianism. Although that was the main religion, they didn't force the conquered countries to join their religions. They

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