The Five Different Types Of Bullying

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It is essential that the public is informed on what bullying is and the different types of bullying. Bullying is the intent to pick on someone. It is usually done by someone you know and somewhere the perpetrator feels comfortable. An example would be school where the perpetrator has plenty friends around. Bullying is usually physical and can be detected. Bullying is an imbalance of power and the perpetrator wants to feel in control. Victims are less likely to fight back out of fear, but that only feeds into the bullying by allowing them to get away with it. When a victim finally does fight back it’s because they’ve have enough. While understanding what bullying is it's also important to know what bullying isn’t. Disagreeing with someone towards religion or having a different opinion is not bullying. …show more content…

There are five major types of bullying that are happening now. The first type is called digital pile on, typically seen online, where the bully wants others to participate in bullying. An example would be someone posting a malicious photo of you on Facebook and others joining in and commenting. Online harassment is the second type, where threatening and hateful messages are received online. The third type is outing, which would be when a victim finds personal information disclosed online such as a phone number that can be used against them. Victim blaming is the fourth type, where the bully repeatedly taunts, shames, or calls victim heinous names. The fifth and final major type of bullying is known as trolling, resulting in the use of a fake social media profile while sending hateful messages or posting offensive pictures and videos. This person won't out themselves and is sometimes referred to as a ‘’ catfish

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