Woul 3 Types Of Bullying

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Some pre-bullying behavior are pushing or shoving to get what they want. The pre-bullying behavior is typically observed from somewhere else like at home, on TV and etc. The threshold that moves the child's behavior into true bullying is when the child learns how one particular child acts when they do the same action over and over again. The child will not stop to bother the other child and the behavior will just escalate.
There is a gender difference in the type of bullying the that the individual will do. Boys typically do physical bullying, which can be hitting, kicking, shoving, and destroying property. Girls typically do a more relational type of bullying and that can be manipulating relationships to control or harm someone, spreading rumors, making false accusations or talking behind someone's back. An example of bullying in boys …show more content…

It is important to teach children how to build their own self-esteem. This can help them not become a target for bullying and even out the big gap between having a high or low self-esteem. To do that the teachers can support what the child does well in and give them opportunities to feel good about themselves. The second skill is to act assertively, this can help the children know how to stand up for themselves. If the bully does not achieve what they want then they will not continue the action with that individual. This can also allow the children to be able to say that the other child needs to wait their turn in a non-aggressive way. Lastly, self-regulation is important for the children to know because they have to figure out how to handle al the emotions they feel. The teacher can teach the children an appropriate way to handle those emotions so they can remove themselves when they feel it is necessary. It can also reduce them from feeling overwhelmed by multiple

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