The Five Of The Main Causes Of WWII

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Many factors contributed to the start of World WarI also known as “The Great War”. Multiple Peer reviewed articles study five of the leading causes of the war. In no particular order, it analyses short term as well as long term factors. Five of the commonly discussed contributors include but are not limited to Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism, Imperialism and the defining short term factor Assassination. Causes of World War One Imperialism Imperialism refers to settlers arriving to a land and influencing their own political control. Historically, Imperialism did not begin in the 19th century, Imperialism existed long before, although, despite the era both shared the same end goal, reaching dominion. “Imperialism is therefore an enormous exten-sion of the sphere of operation of capital, an enormous extension of capitalist relations, institutions and priorities throughout the world”(Spence). Other driving forces exist; Religion, political influence and economic uprise all contribute to why imperialism occurs. America wanted to expand its influences outside of its continent, Africa however, was under French, British and German influence. This created limitation for American expansion. America had an opportunity to further impose their ideologies post Spanish-American, the treaty allowed America to establish influence in Philippine territory and Hawaii. Militarism contributed to the great war because it made nations exalt war. They believed there was a direct correlation
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