The Five Stages of Grief

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Death, we all hate it. Yet we try to avoid it, but it’s a natural part of life. Death is sneaky, it comes unexpected, but it is expected. We all go through a grieving process but some do not accept the fact of their loved ones dying. Some people even hallucinate their loved ones still being with them. In books like “bag of bones” death was unavoidable just like reality. People always avoid death as if it does not exist. The people that try to ignore death are the ones that have the hardest times dealing with the grieving process. The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
The first stage of grief is denial. In this stage the death of the loved one is denied because of the shock. (Axelrod 2006) People have a hard time trying to cope so they deny it ever happened. They want to escape this devastating reality and they want life to go about as it always has so they settle for denial. When someone is in this stage of denial they feel as if the world is meaningless. They do not want to face the fact that their loved one no longer walks the Earth, they want to be comforted by the state of denial. Denying the death is the easiest way to cope. Denial can give off the feeling of protection. It gives us a way to cope. This stage is the stage of numbness. All emotion is gone in this stage. In denial the feelings of sadness and loneliness are not felt. When in denial people become emotionless so they can feel better on the inside. They would

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