The Five Things Of Look For An Architect

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The Five Things to Look for in an Architect
Welcome to The Five! Every two weeks I will present you with a list of five things that pertain to the architecture and engineering world. This blog will serve as a valuable resource for those in the building industry, designers, and owners alike. It is my intent that you will find the information useful in your daily business practices.
Before we get started, I want to give you a brief background about myself. I grew up in the east suburbs of beautiful Cleveland, Ohio with my mom, dad, and two sisters. After high school, I attended The Ohio State University, and I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. I am now an Intern Structural Engineer at a small architecture and engineering firm in Northeast Ohio. I have always been interested in the architecture and engineering industry, so I consider it is a joy to have a hand in the design of structures on a daily basis. Having learned a great deal on my journey to becoming a structural engineer already, I look forward to imparting some of that knowledge to you!
Today we will explore the five things that you need to look for when choosing an architect for your next project. I cannot stress enough how significant this step is. Your architect is your point of contact during the entire design process, and in most cases, they will be heavily involved until the project is completed.
Your architect needs to be someone whom you can trust with key design decisions for…
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