The Flynn Effect And Nutrition

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Nutrition, the Flynn Effect, and Substance Abuse

Carly Gottsponer

PSY 3813-TC3
Korey Davis
September 17, 2017

“The Flynn Effect is the tendency of IQ scores to change over time, and specifically, the apparent increase in intelligence in the general population evidenced by a steady increase in IQ scores. It was first noticed by James Flynn” (The Flynn Effect). As years went by and IQ tests were restandardized, it was noticed that when previous tests were taken the outcomes were better on the previous tests than the tests that were in current circulation. The Flynn Effect has a number of factors that can attribute to the effect taking place. One factor in particular that has been discussed by many different people is the factor of overall better nutrition. Overall better nutrition has occurred in many places over the last 100 years or so. This improvement has been linked to head growth, earlier maturation of children, increased height, and faster growth (Williams). Increased head growth most likely means that human brains are growing which can subsequently be linked to the increased intelligence that is proven by IQ scores. The earlier maturation and faster growth of children can also be linked to how a population’s intelligence improves over many years. The Flynn Effect and nutrition are related through the correlation of increased intelligence and increased overall nutrition. The effects of the Flynn effect on nutrition and vice versa are extensive. The

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