The Following Of Jesus Christ

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The Following of Jesus Christ Discipleship is the study of theology, having a religion, and being a follower of Christ. Dietrich Bonhoeffer had many themes and studies pertaining to discipleship. Throughout his book Bonhoeffer shared his views and the way he sees discipleship. I learned about Bonhoeffer’s writings on the call to discipleship, discipleship and the cross, discipleship and the individual, and the church of Jesus Christ and discipleship. By learning discipleship through Bonhoeffer it allowed for me to broaden the way I view theology and the following of Christ. The themes in this book allow for one to grow in their theological outlook. To begin Bonhoeffer discussed his views on the call to discipleship. Bonhoeffer wrote, …show more content…

They did not fight for the miracle worker to avoid his death. They simply punished this man for no reason at all. He lived the perfect life and brought people to the Lord. So for Jesus to be put to death by the people they abandoned him. They left his side and left him to suffer on the cross. On the cross was where Jesus died a miserable death and suffered greatly. The last thing described by Bonhoeffer was that the cross represents guilt. He described how Jesus was the bearer of all sins for humans. Now Christians become the ones who bare other individuals sin and guilt. To sum up the cross it has many meanings and it signifies a lot in Christian religion. After Bonhoeffer finished writing about the cross he wrote about discipleship and the individual. This is about how God made people as individuals. God made us to be alone and be lonely. He did this so we would have someone to go to in these lonely times and this person is Jesus christ and God. In this chapter Bonhoeffer really discusses how we being individuals need to accept Jesus Christ the mediator. Back to the issue of Jesus bearing all of our sins it truly shows how caring and how much he values our lives. If Christ is willing to die for us and our sins we should at minimum bring him into our lives. We should recognize what he did for us and live in a way where he can shine through us. So by God creating us as lonely individuals we should be able to reach out to

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