Analysis Of Life Together By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer explains a variety of topics about the reformation of the church in his book on Life Together. Something that was very powerful for me while reading this great work is the power of silence for Bonhoeffer. He explains the importance of listening. The ability to be silent while a brother or sister of Christ is speaking is very powerful. Listening to God through people is something that I have been battling in church recently. Based on Bonhoeffer, Life Together, I have learned how important to listen to my brothers and sisters in Christ because it would be the same to listen to God.
Lately, in church, I have been battling with leadership. I was appointed as the area leader in my church, and what has been very difficult …show more content…

(Bonhoeffer 75)
From this passage, Bonhoeffer states that our brothers and sisters in Christ reflect the voice of God. He explains that if people do not know listen to their brother and sister in Christ then it means you are not listening to God. God works and reflects on his children-That means all his children. Overall, in what I learned from Bonhoeffer based on this passage is to listen to our brothers and sister in Christ. As Christians, we believe that is to our self and do not listen to the people around us. Personally, I believe as a leader of an important area in my church is very important for me to listen to my fellow brothers and sister in Christ. I also believe that my team (who are children of Christ) should listen to me because if they do not listen to me then that means they are not listening to God. In conclusion, Bonhoeffer gave me a message that is going to change my leadership skills. As a young leader in this older environment, it has been hard to earn the respect of all the teachers in my group. I was praying to God to see what I have been doing wrong or what can I say to my group so they can respect me as the leader. The importance of respecting me as a leader because it is for the glory to God. I am not being selfish or venting out my problems, but I just want to bring my group closer to God’s glory.

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