The Food And Beverage Industry

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This paper is over whether the Food and Beverage industry should be allowed to use their self-imposed regulations for food marketing and labeling or should the government be the ones to enforce policies. I believe the government should be the ones to regulate the food and beverage industry to give Americans the chose to make healthier decisions. America waistline is expanding and continues to expand, according to a study done and published by The Lancet(Khan, 2014). Which is one of the world’s best-known medical journals. We are the number one country for obesity. This obesity phenomenon cannot improve if improvements in the food and beverage industry do not change its marketing and nutritional quality. Food marketing targets children and takes advantage of children’ vulnerability. There is evidence that shows the effects of food marketing on children’s eating behaviors and health. If the industries are reluctance to make the necessary changes to their practice, then the government needs be the ones to improve the health of their people. Keywords: government, obesity, regulations, and marketing The government has always had a huge impact in the United States and those living in this country. Whenever the government gets involved in a topic or issue they either seem too strict or too lenient. They sometimes fail to achieve a successful medium. A great example would be the argument for government regulation of diets for its people or no regulation at all. The government
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