The Forgotten One: Pangolins

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The Forgotten One Pangolins are scaled anteaters which originate from Africa and Southeast Asia, especially from Sumatra, Indonesia (Foley, 2014). They are special creatures which are blessed with perfect self-defense systems to survive in the wild. They do not have any potential threats in their habitats. When they feel threatened, they will roll their bodies into scale-covered balls (Goswami, 2014). Even the mighty lions and tigers will think twice before trying to attack them. However, there are no perfect living beings. They are short of people’s attentions. Compared to the other animals traded in the black markets, they are unfortunately unattractive (Davies, 2014). Most people may not even know they really do exist. They lack tigers’ elegance, rhinos’ brute force, and elephants’ charm (Sutter, 2014). Instead, they are nocturnal, mysterious, and introverted animals. This is the main reason why they are the most trafficked animals in the world nowadays (Shepherd, 2013). Human are just like death rippers for pangolins. They are killed and sold to rich people as ‘VIP Class’ foods, their scales are used for traditional medicine, their bodies are being left in rice wines as healthy drinks, and even their fetuses are consumed for sexual reasons (Sutter, 2014). They are just other victims of human’s greed and foolishness. They breed only once a year, but thousands of them are being trafficked each year (Zhang, 2014). Pangolins’ trafficking must be stopped or otherwise they

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