The Formality Of Baking Essay

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The Formality Of Baking

Baking is a method that requires meticulous concentrating which can be joyous as well as frustrating. In order to understand baking it is necessary to grasp the basics. To understand the basics is practicing and conditioning yourself the proper methods of doing so. One of the easiest dough to assemble is the straight dough method, which is a combination of water, yeast, sugar, milk solids, butter and salt. The salt is added last because it inhibits the growth of the yeast. All of the ingredients are mixed in a mixing bowl”(Gisslen, p68, ch4). The straight dough method is a starter point to making dough. There are many varieties to dough that require …show more content…

The mealy dough is best used as a bottom crust to prevent sogginess”(Gisslen, p235, ch11). To produce a cake that is editable a basic sponge method is useful. A sponge method is a basic cake batter that includes egg foam, egg yolks, sugar, and sifted flour folded in”(Gisslen, p329, Ch14). If being fancy is your cup of tea a creaming method is wonderful, it begins with the blending of fat and sugar. It is used for cakes and cookies, very useful for products that have high fat and sugar content. Great for cakes”(Gisslen, p326, ch14). To make a cake more appealing in texture, whipping cream can be added. Whipping cream has a high fat content of thirty to forty percent, the higher the fat content in the whipping cream the less likely it is to weep or separate into liquid and foam”(Gisslen, p44, ch3). To have a taste of France making a Pate a choux would be ideal. Pate a choux means cabbage paste referring to cream puffs that look like little cabbages. It consist of water, milk, half water or milk, shortening, salt, bread flour, and eggs”(Gisslen, p279, ch12). Making dough from scratch can be a tricky process. To make bread will include having flour. The best flour to use will be bread flour. Bread flour is also called wheat flour; since there are a variety of flours it is best to become knowledgeable of which flour is being used. Bread flour is slightly coarse when rubbed between the fingers, if it is squeezed into a lump in the hand it falls

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