The Importance Of Baking Over Competing In The Olympics

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Alena O’Connor
Ms. Swanson
Communications & Research
11 October. 2017
Baking Over Competing in the Olympics
Did you think that baking at home is completely different then competing in the Olympics? Well, they actually aren’t. To bake there is a lot of supplies you need to be successful. You need pans to bake it, bowls to mix in, measuring cups to measure, and utensils to mix. Depending on what you’re making you can have three to one hundred ingredients. To make the food correctly you will also need a recipe and know how to measure the ingredient precisely, to avoid a disaster. Baking is a very fun hobby because of all the different food you can bake. My favorite thing to make is banana bread because it is so easy and simple. Even though the
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Baking can also be done for money either as a job or for extra cash. Baking can be a career if you become a professional or decide to go on a television show. Olympic competitors compete for enjoyment as well as a job or to make money. Olympic sponsors pay the participants to wear their logos as they compete. The Olympics are played on television for the enjoyment of the people watching as well.
Competing in the Olympics is actually very alike to baking. They both can be done for personal enjoyment and for others as well. The people who watch the Olympics do it for entertainment, and when you bake the people who eat your food enjoy eating it. Both baking and competing in the Olympics can be perfected after practice and experience.
Even though baking and competing in the Olympics are very similar they also have their differences. People can do baking at a young age even in a small kitchen. To bake you don’t need to be trained and that is what makes baking so fun. When being in the Olympics you have to be dedicated to your sport and train day and night. To compete in the Olympics you need to be a lot more committed then baking, and use extreme physical
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