The Foundation Behind Winston Churchill's Reputation

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Usually known for his courageous influence and management of World War II, Winston Churchill obtained a prestigious reputation in the history books. Although, Churchill’s political career pre-dated the Second World War and also went beyond the years of it. To have a further understanding of what was the foundation of this political powerhouse, it is important to have knowing of his childhood, early career and the peak of his course. With a deeper awareness of Churchill, one can honestly launch an appreciation for the impression he left on politics forever. Churchill was born on two months premature on the 30th of November in 1974. He descended from a military and political family of with whom he longed for close relations with (Jenkins 4). Being raised in an accomplished family put great amounts of pressure on Churchill but also set a bar for him to reach. It was unfortunate that such a carefree boy was born to the stern and cold hearted Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill (Jenkins 6). Churchill’s parents were not present for most of his childhood, which has huge effects on the psychology of a child. He spent most of his youth being nurtured by a nanny of whom he kept in communication with until her death. Churchill showed rebellion in school which was due to his independence and bad relationships with his parents (Jenkins 19). Military school seemed to be the only hope for this delinquent, poor student who showed no promise in academics. Military school proved to pay off, he
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