The Founder Of Adobe Systems Faced By Noam Wasserman

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Imagine Steve Jobs, arguably one of the most influential people in the history of technology offering to buy your startup company even before you’ve made a name for yourself. And then imagine rejecting that offer. This is an example of the many dilemmas that Charles Geschke, co-founder of Adobe Systems faced. Founders are almost always facing many dilemmas with their startup company, whether they’re straight from the get-go or further down the line after the company have already established a name for themselves. In his book, The Founder’s Dilemmas, Noam Wasserman has analysed nearly 10,000 founders in the technology and life sciences industries, and has analysed any difficulties they may have had, or any forks in the road they may have …show more content…

Reading ‘How venture capitalists evaluate potential venture opportunities’, an investor said they usually invest in a person knows their sector very well. You could easily hire another person who is good at marketing, and offers help with that. After all, if an idea is so good but the only thing holding the investment opportunity back, then it could be worth it. That’s exactly what happened in this case, when Hambrecht offered to get a consultant who would deal with the management of the business. The consultant also helped the co-founders build a business plan.
On reflection we know that as a company, Adobe Systems has been very successful as they are still thriving now, almost twenty five years later. However, as with all startups, founders cannot accurately predict how successful they will be. Problems of different severity may arise, which could completely derail the startup company. So it is not uncommon for founders to feel scared or unsure about quitting their current job to start a company which may or may not work. This is another dilemma which Geschke had. He was in a stable job at a company called Xerox, who is also in the technology industry. In his words, he had “this great job at Xerox, a nice big office overlooking the whole Bay Area”. His parents also questioned his decision. This is one of the many risks founders have to assess before launching their startups. The ‘risk’ dilemma also

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