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Given Ryan Kratz’s motivation to start new companies and his educational background in entrepreneurship and finance, I believe he should remain in the real estate business for at least one year, then focus on building his collection of businesses at various life-cycle stages. Ryan should use that year to work on maintaining the business relationship he has with Gary Wells and his father David Kratz, continue to build the backlog of SuperCat sales and concentrate on marketing, and work in real estate to build financial equity and professional relationships within the real estate industry.
Ryan’s father is a serial entrepreneur and has the unique experience of vetting start-ups and building them to a particular exit strategy. In working
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Ryan can also get a feel for how he works with his father and decide if he wants to invest with him in future opportunities. Being a good business partner takes much work put into the company, and work put into building relationships between partners. Ryan shouldn’t be too quick to leave real estate and lose touch of the SuperCat business that has just been freshly inked.
Question 2:
According to Amar Bhide’s article “How Entrepreneurs Craft Strategies That Work,” all ventures merit some analysis and planning, but a comprehensive analytical approach doesn’t suit most start-ups. A number of criteria must be considered in order to evaluate the potential of the business, however many business relationships and investment opportunities may be time sensitive and don’t lend to a drawn-out and time-consuming assessment. I believe Ryan made a cogent analysis of the SuperCat opportunity in time to keep Gary’s interest and not pass on a good prospect. Ryan’s 3 M approach gives a decent opportunity assessment and also lends to quick evaluation of other ventures in the future by looking at market size and structure, market growth, and margin analysis. In Ryan’s breakdown of criteria for choosing an investment opportunity, he lists his preferred market size as being bigger than $200 million worldwide

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