The Founding And Development Of The Sociology Of Youth

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Zubok and Chuprov’s research article The Founding and Development of the Sociology of Youth in This Country (2009), focuses on the sociology of youth and the way it has developed and progressed over the years. Beginning in the 1960s, the study of youth “developed as a special area of research” (Zubok and Chuprov 2009:23), essentially focusing on “the domestic life of young families” (2009:23) as expressed by E. Kabo, “the ideas of peasant kids” (2009:23) as explained by N. Rybnikov, and “the position of adolescent blue-collar workers employed in production” (2009:23) as presented by I. Ianzhaul & A. Bernshtein-Kogan. Social scientist involved in the development of the study of youth proposed the idea of establishing “theoretical conceptions of social development of young people” (2009:26) so society would better understand youth and their actions. This development would involve communicative rationality, which allowed social scientist to address the underlying issues faced by youth, who at the time were unable to speak up about occurrences and decisions in society that affected them. The platform through which communicative rationality presents itself occurred in the “first nationwide study titled ‘A Social Portrait of Young People’” (Zubok and Chuprov 2009:23), dedicated to addressing a diverse number of problems involving youth. The structure would: “provide a valid idea of the social makeup of young people and its constituent categories” (Zubok and Chuprov 2009:23),…
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