Explain The Sequence And Rate Of Each Aspect Of Development From Birth 19 Years

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Unit 1.
Assessment Criteria 1.1.1.
Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth-19 years.

At birth a baby relies on sight and touch for their intellectual development, they have limited language, and all information is processed visually, as a baby grows they develop intellectually by participating in imaginative play ie a box becomes a car or train or plane. They will also imitate and explore new behaviours and forms of play, their confidence will grow as they near the age of 3 years old, but will still seek reassurance from their parents and carers.
Between the ages of 3 and 7 years old a child will still be processing information visually, along side this their language skills and thought process’ will develop, which will have a huge effect on how they think and interact with others.
As a child progress’ towards the age of 12 years old they will become less egocentric, and more understanding of others feelings, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs, specific individual interests will also develop at this time.
During the teenage years they will become responsible for their own thoughts, words and actions. A capacity for higher order reasoning will develop, and individual personalities will appear and form. They will be able to combine and classify items in a more sophisticated manner, and begin to consider their futures. Support, guidance and help, on moral, ethical, social, economic and cultural issues, at these stages of development, can have a huge

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