The Four Basics Of The Four Skills Of Language

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Every language has it’s own four basic skills which learners should master if they want to use language properly. It is the same when we learn our native language, first, we learn to listen, then to speak, then to read and at the end to write. We call it the four language skills. When students learn the language they have to improve it with good grammar and rich vocabulary. It is assumed this is not the final purpose. The learner has to be able to use language but also he has to possess other skills and abilities which he will need. Sometimes learners are good at listening and speaking and we cannot say for them that they are good at English. It also happens that some learners do better in reading and writing than in listening and speaking, …show more content…

Receptive skills are listening and reading and productive skills are speaking and writing. Teachers cannot teach all four skills during one class. He has to adopt it according to learner objectives. When they write a lesson plan they write what set of skills they should incorporate in that class. Depending on students level they should focus on one set of skills. Among young students, teachers use two skills and in older groups, they use all four skills. When the teacher wants to teach a new teaching item (grammar, vocabulary etc.) he should keep the order in mind. It is important because learners should be first exposed to language before they use it and see it in written form. Also, children learn their first language following that order. The child will be able to understand the new item before he is able to produce it and use it in communication. So the difference between being able to understand an item and being able to produce it is known as passive versus active knowledge. The teacher should prepare a lot of material where they can use new item. Sometimes it is not evident but young learners are absorbing the new item on an unconscious level. Except for these four basic skills, students have to develop a few more skills that they need in the 21st

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