Essay on The Freewill of Humans

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The Freewill of Humans

… The topic I wish to discuss deals with the freewill of humans. For example, say a guy has an enemy, which he hates. One day this guy makes a conscious decision to kill his enemy. Should blame fall on this man for killing his enemy? Currently, all places in the world, which I can think of, are built around some moral basis that holds a person responsible for their actions. Although, a hard determinist would have to disagree and say that people are not free. Human acts are caused and caused acts are of only one option. If there is only one option and no choices, then there is void of freedom. So, our friend from earlier and every other criminal that ever existed are not actually guilty of their …show more content…

Historically, when we talk about human acts we seem to be able to predict why a human acted the way they did. For example, while watching the TV show Love Line, the two-hosts attempt to reason why a person's problem occurred and then remedy the situation. The sexual nature of the show leads to questions about relationship and why they occur. Nine times out of ten, when a guest posses a question about an abusive boyfriend the host ask what their family life was like. And the overwhelming response is that people who enter into abusive relationships had abusive families. So, if we relate this back to the human brain and say an abusive family is a variable for an abusive boyfriend, then we find that this act is predicted.

At this point you may be asking yourself, are we free or not? I believe yes. Although, the hard determinist view is correct to a degree about being able to predict human acts it still does not take away the ability to choose, which promotes freedom.

The human brain, to me, appears to be broken into two parts. The first we will call instinct. The human instinct consists of all things that are embedded in the human mind for survival. For instance, all humans need to eat. Little babies when they are born cry for food until they are feed. Survive instinct caries on through out human life. When a person gets old they have the need to reproduce, hence a thriving sex industry. These acts are

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