The French Intervention Of Mexico

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The years of the mid-1800’s represent a dark era for Mexico and its people. Shortly after concluding a political revolution, Mexico started to face problems not only in their internal structure but also with exterior relationships. Even though the Mexican effort to defend its patrimony from a powerful military won an important battle, the Mexican government was easily overthrown, establishing a new period in Mexican history. The French intervention in Mexico derived from the struggles of own Mexican conflicts causing the return of European ruling in North America.
The origins of the French-Mexican War started off with the generation of debt from the Mexican government during the Reform War. The Reform War started with the differences in …show more content…

The desperation from Mexican officials did not find a viable way to solve the situation. After realizing that the lack of funds in the country were insufficient to pay the claims from the English, French, and Spanish, President Juarez proclaimed to suspend, for the time period of two years, the debt payment to any European nation. This move from the Mexican leader did not seem justified along the eyes of the affected countries and even brought them together to proclaim what they demanded. The European nations embarked towards Mexico in an attempt to get back their claims. The liberal administration in Mexico sought to arrange a deal with the three European forces. Although having success into convincing the English and Spanish, France was already set into other plans. This marked the start of the French movement to take control of Mexican territory expanding the French ruling to America. The French emperor Napoleon III speculated in turning Mexico into a French client state. The debts of Mexico were leading into an era of disaster and chaos. The French, even though being a super military power, struggled at the beginning to take under control the Mexican territory. The three European forces arrived at the Mexican port of Veracruz with the plans of negotiating their claims to be returned, but it came clear to Spain and Britain what the French intentions always were. Napoleon III had plans of

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