Descriptive Essay On The Virtual Museum

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I toured the virtual Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Though it was not face-to-face, I still really enjoyed my experience through the virtual word. I was more fascinated about the liveliness in the virtual world than anything else. I think the virtual museum itself was more of a work of art than the art it displayed because it covered almost every inch from many different points of view in the museum. I also liked how it was pretty easy to operate and move around, and no matter how much I zoomed in or out I could read almost everything perfectly fine. While being able to explore this museum from the comfort of my own home was a plus, I truly missed out on being able to read the display labels to learn more about the artifacts. Reading about the history or story behind a work of art is, in my opinion, the best part. This virtual tour was captivating, and I hope to someday visit the museum in person.” The Smithsonian is known for its realization and absolute beauty shown in the exhibits. Every exhibit of this museum has great detail and precision. Not only was each exhibit filled with things of its nature, but also had the right colors to make you feel the exhibit. For example, the vibes flowing from the ocean hall were incredible. The way they accomplished the feel of actually being in the ocean was a surreal experience to even see through the screen. I also liked the way that everything was pretty close to life scale, like the huge whale hanging from the
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