The Frontier: A Narrative For The Expansion West

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The “frontier” was an American movement westward beginning in 1807 that was driven by a desire for a land where a fresh start was possible and a space where there was less European control, as well as the thirst for economic growth and creating jobs. Frederick Jackson Turner argued that the frontier shaped American history and largely contributed to the idea of American exceptionalism. Although the motive for the expansion westward can be viewed as positive, the intent to “civilize” the “uncivilized” groups of the west including the Native Americans, however, was far from moral or just. The frontier was a means of enlarging the economy by creating new communities and an American historical landmark because of the amount of American citizens migrating westward with hopes of new opportunities, however, the frontier also brought unethical treatment of native western groups.

The expansion westward created many
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The Devil In the White City includes a description of Buffalo Bill’s act, a racist show portraying Native Americans as the enemy and inhuman, and captured the idea that the a goal of the frontier was to conquer the land of the Native Americans. The show attracted millions of visitors; people who were interested in a “realistic” portrayal of the great American movement west, therefore supporting the concept that the Native Americans deserved no regards to the land on which they had been living long before the United States had even become a country. In 1830, Andrew Jackson wrote to congress about “Indian Removal,” essentially delivering the message that pushing the Native Americans out of the west would be beneficial to the “civilized” white men arriving. The idea that the Native Americans need to be replaced with white men shows the entitlement and superiority assumed by the Americans moving
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