The Functional And Chemical Properties Of A Meringue

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To investigate the functional and chemical properties of the ingredients used in a meringue, I will research the different ingredients used to make a meringue and how they affect the physical and chemical properties of the meringue. I will particularly focus on the properties of eggs and why egg yolk cannot be used to make meringue. Meringue can be made in different ways with different types of ingredients. The basic ingredients needed to make a meringue is egg whites and sugar. However you can add other ingredients to change or stabilize the meringue. After doing some basic research, I will carry out practical investigations and experiment the functional and chemical properties of a meringue.

Prior Learning: Function of the ingredients in meringue
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The proteins in the egg are broken down physically by denaturation which “breaks the chemical bonds that hold the chains in their tangles, allowing them to uncoil into long strands”(source: The strands then start to coagulate which links the proteins together and stabilizes the meringue. Once the egg whites are light and frothy, sugar is added to stabilize the meringue by gathering proteins on the surface area of the air bubbles and to make it thick and glossy. Once the meringue is whisked to the point where it forms stiff peaks. The meringues are then piped onto a baking tray and baked in the oven for around 40 minutes to an hour, until they are pale, dry, puffy and delicate. Meringues are generally bakes at around 325 F so that the “air bubbles expand, the water evaporates and the proteins coagulate at an even rate throughout the meringue”

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