The Future Electric Cars Are Becoming More Popular

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Allamon 1
Dedric Allamon
Mr. Karwatsky
Freshmen Seminar. Per. 1
17 January 2017
With the advancing future electric cars are becoming more popular. Electric cars are said to be pollution free and one hundred percent environmental friendly. These cars are not the solution to reduce air pollution and global warming in the near future. Electric cars create large amounts of pollution indirectly. This is from the coal-fired power plants used to generate the electricity and the lithium mine sites, which is where the mineral lithium that is used to produce the car’s batteries comes from. These situations cause just as much pollution because they burn some source of fossil fuel to create the energy and extract the minerals.
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This power is generally collected from coal-fired power plants. Each one of these power plants are responsible for three and a half million tons of Co2 per year. The United States alone produces nearly ten billion tons of CO2 from coal-fired power plants. This is nearly one third of the 38.2 billion tons of Co2 produced by all sources. These cars are also limited on their range. A typical electric car can only travel around one hundred twenty five miles miles before being recharged. “The disadvantage of electric cars is that they usually can travel no more than 100 miles.” (Haverdink). Therefore using more electricity, causing the power plants to make more. Another disadvantage of electric cars is the time they take to charge. For example, “The major disadvantage of battery powered cars as we mentioned in the last section is the time required to recharge the batteries.” (Lampton). Rather than a gasoline car that you just fill up you have to plug these cars in. This typically takes up to eight hours, putting the electric car behind on long distance road trips. The electric car’s also need a special outlet to plug into, not found in typical homes. This cost extra money to have installed and if you need to charge somewhere it is hard to find. Also the electricity used to charge the cars isn’t free.

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