Are Electric Vehicles The Future Of Automobiles? . Electric

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Are Electric Vehicles the Future of Automobiles?
Electric vehicles have been increasing in popularity because of the manufacturers claims about the vehicle 's so called, low emission rates. Big companies like Ford, Tesla, Chevy, and Nissan are the main manufacturers of electric vehicles (Miret). People have been buying into the idea of helping the environment and saving the world based on their claims. Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions but that is not the entire story. The main concern is how electric vehicles work, what type of energy is used to charge the vehicle, and what emissions are released.
Electric vehicles are not designed for every driver. In 2015, the global sales of an electric vehicle had grown by 72% (Miret).
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Electric vehicles are a fairly new thing, so charging station are not always available and plugging in at home can take hours compared to the one half hour it takes at a charging station. Electric vehicles also have great benefits. Electric vehicles convert more than double of their power to the wheels compared to a gasoline engine (“What Are Electric Cars”). Electric vehicles feel fast because the power is delivered instantly to the wheels. Another benefit of an electric vehicle is they are virtually silent (Wilson). Electric vehicles are good for city use, were the daily commute is short and access to power is readily available.
Electric vehicles require electricity to charge their batteries. Electricity is produced by many different types of power plants such as coal, nuclear, solar, wind, or hydro power. Coal power is considered dirty because it release massive amounts of pollutants into the air. Nuclear, solar, wind and hydro power are considered clean power types which release little to no pollutants into the air. Coal is one of the leading sources of electricity and it also puts out the most greenhouse gases (Biello). In the United States coal contributes to 34% of all energy produced (“Greenhouse Gas Emissions”). 70% of all carbon dioxide released in the electricity sector is from coal power plants (“Greenhouse Gas Emissions”). This number would go up if more electric vehicles were used. The main power manufacturing types vary from

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