The Future of Potential Energy Sources

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Future of Potential Energy A lot of factors must be considered when it comes to assessing the potential of renewable energy for economic sustainability bearing in mind that the energy sector is continuously growing. It is imperative that available information on Department of Energy DOE, lands and solar and wind renewable energy resources are gathered. This should be followed with appropriate screens for GIS analysis (Dahle, Elliot, Heimiller, Mehos, Robichaud, Schwartz, Stafford, and Walker, 2008, p.23). Finally, data identifying Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management, DOE LM sites with potential for renewable energy development should be processed. One way of understanding a site's renewable development potential for renewable energy resources like wind or solar is their intensity. Site conditions like steep slopes, access to transmission lines, or proximity to disturbance free environment can grossly affect development opportunities. When gathering information on DOE lands, it is imperative that focus is put on parcels currently under Legacy Management administration (Dahle et al, 2008, p. 23). In this respect, property listing like reference coordinate and the acreage of the property have to be focused on. The property information should therefore be matched with renewable energy resource datasets to identify the level of resource at each site. For site specific applications more detailed data should be used (Dahle et al, 2008, p.24). To develop let us say a
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