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The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) is honoured to present an exhibition titled ‘Image and Text: A Feminist Narrative’, with which it will be opening its door to the public on the 12th September and closing on the 15th October. When image and text are integrated with one another in the creation of contemporary art, artists are able to produce powerful and extremely effective messages of their choice. However, just because the image and text are displayed together, does not mean they relate to each other, as the text can either support the image, or contradict the image in order to demonstrate the transparency of either or both elements (Williams and Simpson, 1994). Two artists who have been able to incorporate image and text in their pieces are, contemporary American artist, Barbara Kruger and contemporary Australian artist, Jenny Watson. Here at GOMA were have created the ‘Image and Text: A Feminist Narrative’ to displays the provocative and stimulating ways Kruger and Watson have used both text and image to convey personal, dream, socio-political and feminist narratives. Whilst Barbara Kruger is an American feminist whose work is centred around critiquing advertising culture and the representation of women during said advertising, Jenny Watson is an Australian feminist who uses expressive figurative images and incorporates text panels similar to autobiographical diary entries. The combination of these two artists display strong messages to their audience, doing so in an

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