The Gender Equality Movement

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The status of women in pre-Islamic Arabia was extremely low. Infanticide, patrilineal marriage and polygyny were only a few things that women had to live with. A woman had no share in inheritance because she was regarded as unwise and incapable of effectively managing her inherited property, and although women’s statuses varied from tribe to tribe, a woman was almost always a subordinate of her father or husband. A female child born was the possibility of disgrace, and the affirmation of having an economic burden to take care of. Of course, Islam changed the structure of Arab society and made many reforms concerning the rights of women, giving them a much higher status and the respect that they had previously so sorely lacked, clarifying that they had the same obligations and responsibilities towards their faith and society that men did. So why is it that today, centuries later, women are still having to fight mental and physical abuse over their gender, and to break down the impossible standards and boundaries that have been put up for them? Why is it that throughout the world, and most certainly in the Middle East, girls are being raised to aspire to a different life than boys? Why is it that girls are taught to be obedient, demure and be successful in finding a proper husband while boys are taught to be strong, wise and successful in building a career and name for themselves? Culture: The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.

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