The General Army And The Secretary Of The Army

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Regionally Aligned Brigades/Forces is the vision of the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Secretary of the Army that will provide combatant command with constantly readily available troops that are versatile and responsive. Regionally Aligned Forces are based on an organizing principle that allows the United States (U.S.) Army to provide units that maintain core war-fighting skills complimented with cultural awareness training, language training, and regional expertise. A revised ARFOGEN cycle based on Active Component and 60-month Reserve Component sequence will replace the current Army model. Mission specific training requirements will be communicated, based on combatant command’s require¬ments, and organized through FORSCOM. These…show more content…
Neglecting to shape or engage a previous crisis or contingency without exception will lead to an intensified rate of forces, committed, enemy and friendly lives lost, and money spent upon the start of actual military operations. Strategically aligned forces construct understanding among the U.S. and the host nation through trust and confidence mediated by lasting engagements. This allows the U.S. to cue the destabilizing forces and actors our dedication to our allied partners, while increasing our authority and ability to gain access.
Operationally, Regionally Aligned Forces means that nonmilitary and military powers will be endowed with the ability to grasp the human dimension of the operational environment as well as win the battle decisively. Regionally Aligned Forces expands collaborative endeavors within the Army and interagency partners, specifically the Department of State and Country Teams. It permits improved synthesis, interdependence, and interoperability between traditional Army forces and special operations. This agreement will allow responses to affect human behavior toward achieving the desired consequence.
Tactically, Regionally Aligned Forces will afford a greater degree of mission predictability and stability. U.S. forces must improve their comprehension of the operational environment. With Regionally Aligned Forces, cultural, language awareness, and regional expertise
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