Essay about The General Strike was An Attempted Revolution

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The General Strike was An Attempted Revolution

During the General strike there was true governmental concern about what seemed to be a revolutionary threat in the form of workers and TUC members who went on strike as part of their efforts to improve working conditions, reduce working hours and increase wages. Much evidence is available from around this time giving us a clear insight into the reasons for this concern and how it came about.

Source 1, an article from the British Gazette (controlled by the Government) produced very early on in the strike highlights the key concern felt by the Government at the time supporting both the statement and introduction:

'The General strike is a …show more content…

So once again this supports the statement, yet not intentionally, for if we were to look at the intention we would see that it disagrees for it tries to highlight that it is not, for example they highlight behaviour not associated with a revolution such as, 'Anxious that an honourable peace is secured' and 'They are not attacking the constitution' evidence against the statement. Source 4 too, emphasises the fact that they are not attacking the constitution, highlighting once again that it is an industrial dispute and the behaviour they are undertaking to secure the peace. However, like before inexperience of the media has resulted in another possible undertone of revolution by hinting at an attempt to 'pull a wool' over the Governments eyes by expecting

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