Anton Sukhinski 's The Holocaust

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Imagine, you 're running for your life from tyrants, and you’re only fifteen. Not only would they kill you, but they would make you dig your own grave, terrified and freezing and the price for your capture is $247.78. Then a man comes to you with open arms and offers you shelter. One man who displayed this affection to jews like this in the holocaust. His name, Anton Sukhinski. Anton was a poor man and was an outcast in his little village in Ukraine, he was, a a village idiot. During WWII he saved six souls. Hiding Jews in his secret bunker he defied his neighbors and the German soldiers, risking his life in the process. It wasn 't all that easy though. At one point his neighbors found out about the Jews and went there with guns. One woman died and it weighed on Anton. He spent the next few weeks working on a new bunker. The Jews he held left for a bit and wandered to a farm where they stayed only one night. They came back, but Anton was not done. He hid the Jews in his attic until he finished. That 's when German soldiers arrived. His neighbors had tattled on him, and so he could not care for the Jews directly. When the Germans found no trace of a hidden bunker, they left. The Jews during this, so thirsty they drank their urine and they stayed quite by stuffing cloth in their mouths. Then one day the bunker door opened up. They had been rescued by the Germans.

This displayal of moral courage was a feat that was recognized by “The Rightous Among the

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