The Geopolitical Importance of Asian Pacific Countries

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With over 21 economies, having a GDP which comprises of about 56 percent of the world’s economic output, the Asia Pacific region has become the key engine for the global economy. The region is of great geopolitical importance, as it consists of some of the world’s major energy and trade routes, and the largest militaries .
With this tectonic shift in the world economy and the rapid rise of China, the first Obama administration in the latter half of 2011, announced that the US would be stepping up its role in the Asia Pacific region. Ever since, there has been a flurry of visits to the region, both at the presidential as well as the cabinet level. While some saw no results at all, a number of these meetings have translated into deeper bilateral and multi lateral ties. The US Rebalancing Strategy demands an enhancement of US diplomatic activism within the Asia Pacific region. The formation of new partnerships and alliances remains to be one of the major agendas of the rebalance, as they continue to be crucial in handling traditional security challenges and primary to tackling non-traditional security challenges in the region.

A Brief on the US Rebalancing Strategy

The initial steps towards…
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