The Gilded Six Bits Analysis

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The fake coin in Zora Neale Hurston’s “The Gilded Six Bits” symbolizes what appears to be true may actually be a counterfeit, and the danger posed by lusting after what belongs to others. Hurston’s introduction of Otis D. Slemmons in the story describes him as everything that Joe is not. While Joe is a local, hard-working man, lean in build, and handsome to his wife, he is envious of Slemmons history of travel, fashionable clothes, large belly, and reputation with the ladies. His envy shows when describing the gold. Taking Missie May to the ice cream parlor is Joe’s way to show off in front of Slemmons. All of the airs that Slemmons puts on, and the lies he tells, are revealed when Joe finds him in bed with Missie May. Slemmons shows

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