The Giver Hypothesis

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This book is mainly about a family named the Arvydas’ and they are being moved to a concentration camp because their house was now owned by the Soviet Union. Well in the first chapter the men from the NKVD were at their house saying that their house is theirs. So Jonas’ mom made a decision to break all of their glasses from the China cabinet, because since now the house belonged to the Soviet Union so she broke the Soviet Union's belongings. In the second chapter the Arvydas’ family except the father are in a truck stuck at the hospital because one of the people that the Soviet Union needed was giving birth at that hospital. Two long hours later the woman who was giving birth was taken from that hospital with her baby girl. The woman who was giving birth to the baby girl, the woman's name is Ona. …show more content…

I hypothesis that Andrius will kiss Lina and after that he would get killed; i think this because of all the things that he does just to find his father. I hypothesis that Lina and her brother Jonas will get separated from their mother because they are younger than their mom. I also think that Lina and Jonas will get separated because they are two different genders and they might slit people by gender, race, and what they believe in. I hypothesis that Andrius will get shot in the head or get burned by the burning chambers because he might disobey the NKVD and they will shoot in his head or he might go to the concentration camps and be there for a while and then they gather all of them up and take him and put him in the burning

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