The Glass Menagerie Analysis

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The Glass Menagerie was a well written novel by the author Tennessee Williams because of all the different aspects of the characters’ lives and views of things. For example Laura an older single mother who wants the best for her two grown children, Laura who is 23 years old and Tom who is the older brother. There father Mr. Wingfield abandoned them for long distance traveling and never came back so Laura is taking care of them on her own. Her daughter Laura is shy and quiet girl who has a crippled leg and cannot work because of it and her oldest son Tom is just like his father and wants to get out of Chicago and travel but he works for a factory to provide for his family. At the beginning of the novel it was uninteresting but towards the end it improved. The best part of the novel for me was at the end when Jim came over to the Wingfield’s house and Laura didn’t now it was Jim her high school sweetheart. Throughout the novel there were little hints about what was going to happen like from the characters talking,the subtitles, and the dramatic music that played throughout the play, so it was really easy to understand. The reason I chose this novel was because it was about a play and because it was one of the shortest books. The Glass Menagerie reminded me of another novel about a play called “Death of a Salesman” that I read from my last book project just like this one in ninth grade. In a way both novels “The Glass Menagerie” and “Death of a Salesman” are very similar

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