The Global Advocacy Movement Around Girls Education And Funding Specific Projects Planned By Local Organizations

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As times change, at society transforms its priorities, new types of leaders will be necessary. This new generation of leaders will have the ability to to continuously change themselves without changing their values and virtues Malala has been able to remain closely connected to her values and is very straight forward with her message. However, she has also been able to change her influence over her audience by always thinking of new ways to share the message. In November 2012, Malala, her father, and a group of supporters came together to form the Malala Fund in an effort to empower girls and amplify their voices. They have utilized many education resources and are continue to invest in schools across the world. The fund was created a three-pronged approach, focusing both on the global advocacy movement around girls education and funding specific projects planned by local organizations in six countries including Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Kenya (Leber, 2015). The Malala Fund is just one, of many ways, that Malala has shown her commitment to fighting for education for girls. Through the fame she has garnered as a result of her “news-worthy” experience, she has been able to speech all over the world to express her desire for equal education and to empower girls. She gave a powerful speech at the UN General Assembly that has continued to be referenced to in the news and people look to it for inspiration. That day was also Malala’s 16th birthday and

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