The Global Responsibility Of Recognizing Pandora 's Box

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When does Technology go too far? The global responsibility of Recognizing Pandora’s Box
Before recorded history, mankind has been intrigued by his natural world. Daily, for centuries, the earth has bid explorers into frontiers of observation, speculation, and now what we call science. However, exploring unknowns can be a difficult risk to take; proceed and solutions to current problems may be found. However, proceed and more problems may be the consequence. Now more than ever, post World Wide Web, post genetically modified organism, as technology grows faster than ever, we are tantalized with the risks and possible benefits of what lies behind, between, beyond. Growingly, skeptics vocalize their fear of opening a Pandora’s Box of new
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In other words, what was added to the human body as a prosthetic is only being acted upon and used by that body, unlike the genetic case where modified genes interact with that body. The same definitions can be assigned to other engineering technologies. For instance, when engineers construct computers, those computers are used as tools by and for the human individual. By the user’s means, the computer replaces older technologies; letters are replaced by emails, pen and paper calculations are replaced by calculators. However, as AI develops, it may be that self learning computers not only function by us, but also with us. This then is where we recreate that which already exists— an interactive intelligence that mimics our own autonomy.
Technology like prosthetics and computer systems that merely replace are by majority received without hesitation and are, for the most part, beneficial. On the other hand, recreating technologies like that of biological engineering, and alternate artificial intelligence forms not only replace, but also recreate, and as a result prompt a host of difficult social questions. In the surge of research on artificial intelligence, for example, there are innumerable plans of implementation. One that has already been experimented with is artificial intelligence as a viable, integrable human companion (Moskowitz). Developers in this area envision robots that are intelligent enough to become human companions.

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