The Global Supply Chain Network

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Executive Summary

The global supply chain network is often faces challenges in many directions. Currently the environmental issues and the exhaustion of natural resources leads to complications and become the prime factors which affects the cost, time and effort in global logistics and supply chain management. An analysis of the Montreal based Cirque de soleil is done with various factors and criteria for evaluation of the key issues. The key issues are distribution complexities, increasing transportation cost, production inefficiency, delivery lead times and logistics partnership strategies. The objective is to streamline the global supply chain network by redesigning the existing system with new integrated model using CPFR (Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment). This concept is effectively supported by the SAP System which integrates the demand management, better sales forecasting, effective distribution and timely replenishment.
The analysis results with the identification of locations for the new distribution model and substantiated with the rationale of site selection considering all criteria’s. The implementation and the SAP integration describe the action plans and come out with the pros and cons of the proposed supply chain system. And finally concludes with the pros and cons of the new system. The objectives of the key issues are resulted with the solution but the on the other side the strategic changes in the organization structure and

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