The Global Tire Industry

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The Global Tire Industry Introduction Manufacture of wheeled vehicles is increasing worldwide as more nations are building economies that can support their purchase. The automobile industry is, of course, the largest reason for this, but there are other types of transport that require the products that the world's tire industry provides. Apart from automobiles there are many tire products that the industry makes, but these are minor in comparison to the glut of cars on the world's roads. Because tires are such an important component in how the world travels, the industry would seem to be in good shape for the foreseeable future, but there are problems. From the perspective of the tire industry prices of raw materials, laws regarding manufacture of products in different countries, taxation, global economic issues and other concerns make the manufacture of tires a more difficult issue than it has been for many years. Rubber prices are increasing and there is civil unrest in many countries that supply raw rubber and oil. The recent economic downturn affected both the manufacture of automobiles and the tires that connect them with the road. Politicians listen to environmental activists who lobby for laws that make the manufacture of tires more difficult and more expensive. These, along with other concerns, are the reason that the tire industry is looking for new and innovative ways to create their products and appease the growing environmental sentiment. This paper looks
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