The Gods Of The Inca Religion

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Incas believed in many Gods such as Viracocha. Viracocha is one of the main Gods in the Inca religion. Viracocha is the creator of everything. He created everything such as the sun, moon, stars and the earth before he created living things such as humans and animals. When Viracocha created human he gave them some rules which they disobeyed. He then became angry with the people and cursed them all. Some were swallowed by the sea while the others were swallowed by the earth. He then brought a flood named Uñu Pachacuti that washed away all the humans. After the flood, Viracocha saved 2 humans which he called upon whenever he needed help. He then started creating human beings again. He painted some women pregnant while others caring for their babies and on each figure he painted clothes so that they would continue to wear. He also carved out the different tribes and nations that he wanted to exist later on. After painting and carving, he then divided the stones up into separate groups and buried them to wait for their command of summoning. Viracocha commanded his 2 helpers to go and wake up all the people in the earth. Some were lying in the caves, streams, rivers and waterfall. He sent one of the helper to the east region and the other to the west region. Their job was to basically wake up all the people and inform them about the stories they have experienced. Viracocha then travelled to Cuzco. On his way he woke up the people. The Canas people didn’t recognize and started

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