The Government And Its Infringement On Privacy

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The Government and its Infringement on Privacy Is anyone’s private information contained in their cell phone actually private? Are appointments, bank information, conversations, the user’s location or other sensitive personal information truly confidential? Is there a Big Brother watching? There is no definitive answer to any of these questions. From the beginning of time to now, privacy has become more and more scarce. Through new developments in technology, it is hard to believe that someone is not watching your move at any given moment. The government’s job is to keep Americans safe, but where is the line drawn? Where is the difference between having a reasonable doubt and accessing information solely because these…show more content…
Americans are subject to invasion of privacy by the government through the new wave of social media and technology, new surveillance technologies and the ongoing war on terrorism. One of the reasons cell phone privacy has become a controversial issue is due to cell phones and other forms of technology becoming increasingly popular and widespread, especially amongst American people. As of 2014, in fact, “there were over 355 million cell phone subscriptions in the U.S. according to the Cellular Telecommunications International” (“Wireless Communications: Voice and Data Privacy” 1). This number has only increased exponentially as more people are being attracted to the accessibility of Smartphones in particular. The reason many people are afraid of their lives being violated, especially by the government, is because in today’s society, someone’s entire life is on their cell phone. Every second of every day, that phone tracks where people are, what people are doing, who people are with, and every other minor detail of life that one might not want others to know. Eric Zeman from Opposing Viewpoints describes Smartphones as being both a best friend and worst enemy (132). This is due to the fact that it can be beneficial, but if it falls into the wrong hands it can be devastating and put one at risk. Likewise, the government might be the ones trying to access the cell phone, the device with all crucial
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