The Government Must Pay For A Civilized Society

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The government put our money into their programs just to see them fail. Do we not want people out of poverty? Do we not want everyone to have the opportunity to prosper? As it stands, the government has created a worse environment for those in need like Congressman Paul had said. Government interference will do harm to those that come in contact. However, voluntaryism is the solution that grants people the freedom to be generous rather than the mandatory taking of money for a seemingly failing cause. Possibly one of the most absurd claims to be made is that taxation is the price that one must pay for a civilized society. The Fraser Institute stated, "More taxes buy more government; not a more civilized society." (Milke) As previously…show more content…
I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." (Tubman) This quote identical to the taxation crisis that exists. And if it appears that those who want to keep their money are just greedy, we could look to economist Thomas Sowell. He stated "I have never understood how it is ‘greed ' to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else 's money." (Sowell) Individuals have the right to their own money and no right to anyone else 's. If anybody were to be stealing like the government does, they 'd be locked up for a long time. But when our government does it, it 's for a "civilized society." As mentioned near the beginning of our anarchy adventure, these concepts could be successful within the United States. If these ideas and philosophies have been engaging thus far, our country may appear hopeless as it stands. But the first step to solving any problem is to recognize that it exists. Our nation has shown unfortunate trends of tyranny in the forms of taxation, constraining freedom, and rejecting human nature. It all seems a bit odd that our nation has become the land of taxation when it was founded on fighting unfair taxes. Our politicians in this country have turned their backs on freedom and have fallen for corruption. Our politicians no longer represent what Americans believe, so even the common good isn 't being reached. Professors Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin
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