The Government Of The United States Should Not Improve The Standard Of Living

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Throughout history, many have debated whether or not the government of the United States should do more to help individuals who are needy or if they should step back and let the individuals help themselves. Data shows that there are many people who feel strongly about one way or the other and many that see it both ways. We should identify factors such as age and total family income to see what affects citizens of the United States to believe one way or the other. I hypothesize that, if an individual has a higher total family income then they will believe that the government should not improve the standard of living. I think that if an individual is able to provide a higher family income then they will think that those poor …show more content…

Many researchers have investigated volunteering and what leads people to volunteer. Studies have also been done concerning who is deserving of welfare and attitudes that individuals have about the United States welfare systems. Poverty is something that is so often looked at in many different ways depending on the society. Stefan Svallfors conducted research in 2004 that compared class, attitudes and the welfare state in four different countries. Svallfors compared Sweden, Britain, Germany, and the United States’ citizens attitudes towards what the government’s responsibility is when it come to helping individuals in need. The author is trying to figure out what factors cause the different attitudes from different countries. His theory is that as welfare policies differ between countries, it will differ between class and attitude. He also theorizes that attitudes towards welfare policies could change over time and as time progresses, the attitude will progress in a different direction among the populations. The data that is analyzed in this paper comes from the 1996 survey on “The Role of Government” conducted within the International Social Survey Programme. This research found that responses varied between nations and we must consider the living conditions in each country. Sweden was the

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