The Government of Canada

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The Government of Canada has designed several laws, programs, and services to promote safety and prevent workplace accidents; they include the Occupational Health & Safety Act, The Labour Program, the Canada Labour Code, and the Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. The Occupational Health & Safety Act was introduced in 1979 and provides organizations with a legal framework to deal with workplace health and safety issues. The Act deals with the rights and responsibilities of work parties, and provides services to assist organizations in maintaining health standards to prevent workplace accidents. Under this act, the government also conducts research studies, gathers statistics on occupational accidents, and develops educational programs to encourage occupational health and safety. The Canada Labour Code is a comprehensive set of laws covering various labour issues such as industrial and union relations, employment standards, and workplace health and safety. The code however, only applies to industries that are under federal governmental jurisdiction – such as banks, airports, broadcasting, telecommunications, transportation, and navigation. Part II of the code identifies specific roles for employers and employees to recognize, resolve, and prevent any work-related hazards and safety issues. The code gives employees several rights to ensure their safety including the right to be informed of any foreseeable hazards, the right to correct any health and safety concerns,
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