The Graduation Standards From Cherry Creek School

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Dear ladies and gentlemen of the Cherry Creek School District board of education, in 2009 the current graduation standards from Cherry Creek Schools were set in place. All high school students were required (in order to graduate) to have taken: four credits of English, three credits of math, three credits of science, three credits of social studies, two credits of physical education, one and a half credits of fine arts or career and technical education and finally five and a half credits of electives ( . Which brings me to the purpose of this letter. I wish to propose a motion to move foreign languages from the electives category to a core class on par and equal to English, math, science and social studies. This will make foreign language(s) a mandatory class in order to graduate. As an aspiring educator and polyglot (I speak English, French, Japanese, and I have an advanced understanding of German and am learning Korean), I only wish to give my future students and all future students the best possible opportunities to excel and succeed in life.
The 2015-2016 school year finds the United States ranked at 14th place on a global education scale, and South Korea currently holds the first place spot. In 2012, when this study was last conducted, South Korea was ranked second in the world. It was then when the South Korean government made a strong push introduce English, a foreign language into the core curriculum ( However, in the United

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