The Grapes Of Wrath By Markus Bochnia

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The main character in this story seemed to think that his life was rough and terrifying, yet it wasn’t the worst it could ever be, and he still chose to endure throughout the torture. Some examples are: “Dread swept over Markus. If he got into that truck, he knew he would become a slave at best, or at worst a prisoner marked for death. He wanted to run but he knew if he bolted, he would get a bullet in his back.” along with “One scorching-hot day, Markus got so dizzy that he stumbled and fell while carrying a 100-pound sack of cement. He was too worn out to get up. The guard threw water in Markus’s face and then kept kicking him until he struggled to his feet...Markus and the others were slaves, not prisoners, although it was hard to tell the difference in the way they were treated. …show more content…

He had lost most of his fingers to frostbite. Compared to the forced-labor camp near Tarnow, the work in Bochnia wasn’t too bad-except for one sickening day. The Nazis drove Markus and a dozen other Jews to the edge of town and ordered them to dig a trench about fifty yards long, two yards wide, and one yard deep. When they had finished, they were taken a few blocks away and told to wait. Moments later, they heard machine-gun fire and screams. Then Markus and his fellow workers were brought back to the trench-and ordered to bury the fifty seven Jews who had just been slain. Markus wanted to throw up. He wanted to weep. He wanted to kill the soldiers for slaughtering these innocent people.” and finally “Markus walked into the latrine. The toilets were nothing more than wooden planks with holes cut out over a

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