The Great 001

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POW! BANG!RATATATATATATa! Machine gun fire and mine blasts covered the freshly snowed on mountain side. It was mid-summer but there was still snow all over the place. In fact there had just been a blizzard. But that’s what the weather was like here in northern Russia. Agent 001 had scarcely made it out of the flaming Indian base when the hills echoed with gun shots. He had accomplished the main part of his mission, destroying secret files that contained nuclear launch codes, but the part of getting away without getting killed was going to be the hard part. As John opened the balcony door, he knew it was going to be a beautiful morning. The sun was shining and everyone was blissful over the barely missed a blizzard that had passed through the night before. As john was enjoying the view over Moscow, the phone in his bedroom rang. It made him wince. He knew who was calling, no one else but them ever called. He shut the balcony door and went into the bedroom picking up the phone. “Hello”, a person on the other line said in a very monotone voice, as if they had done this same call over and over again. “Hello, 001 here”, john replied. He hated these calls they were always so mind-numbing the only pleasurable part was when they were over. “Yes”, the other person said,” this is the FBI, we have a mission for you, this one takes place on a mountain in northern Russia. The Russian government has supplied a deadly tribe with weapons, mines, and nuclear launch code. We don’t know why

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